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Hosting a Dominique Giordano Jewelry Social is a fantastic way to gather friends and family for an afternoon or evening out and create a special memory together. 

No experience is required. 

Only the desire to have fun and explore your creative side.

The atmosphere is casual, creative, and FUN with easy guidance and instruction throughout the process.

What’s required of a host?

  1. Email with your Jewelry Social date request and someone will contact you to discuss specifics such as location and time.  
  2. A minimum of 8 guests are required for each Jewelry Social. Dominique reserves the right to reschedule your workshop if 8 people have not registered & paid 48 hours before your Social.
  3. Once a date is confirmed, you will receive an emailed invitation to forward to your guests. Please allow 2 weeks before your Jewelry Social to ensure enough time for guests to register, pay, and send a photo if applicable.

What’s required to host a Jewelry Social?

Hosting a Dominique Giordano Jewelry Social is a fantastic way to gather friends and family for an afternoon or evening out and create a special memory together.

Few things are required to host your own Jewelry Social Event!

It's required that you read everything explained below. Once you have read what is required of you, you will need to sign it and return it to Dominique Giordano Jewelry Design at: 

This will acknowledge that you have read and understand all that you, as a hostess, are responsible for.

Once we receive your signed agreement, you will be assigned your personal Jewelry Social consultant. Your personal Jewelry Social consultant will contact you personally to discuss scheduling your Jewelry Social event date and go over all of the details of hosting a Jewelry Social. They will be your liaison for all things "Jewelry Social". 

You will be required to email us a list of your attendees. It is recommended that you invite more than the minimum to host your own event so you can ensure your receive all of the perks for hosting your memory making Jewelry Social event.

Your Jewelry Social consultant will keep you updated on which guests have RSVP'd by purchasing their pendant.

Your assistant will remind you when you need to reach out to your guests to infom them of specifically required deadlines, such as Jewelry Social Purchase deadlines to secure their spot at your social event as well as photo upload deadlines. 

What to do first?

Send Dominique Giordano Jewelry Design a request that you wish to host your own Jewelry Social.

Together, we will choose a date for your event.

A personalized invitation is created just for you to send to your guests.

This invitation will contain links to guide your guests in building their personalized Jewelry Social Kit, uploading their photo (for Caviar Hearts & Ovals only), choosing a chain if desired, and finalizing their purchase.

As a host, what am I responsible for?

Once you receive your personalized Jewelry Social invitation, you will need to email it to your guests.  You will need to include in your email list so we can see who has chosen to attend or if anyone has any questions or difficulty on our website.

You will be required to encourage your guests to upload their photos no later than 72 hours prior to your Jewelry Social Event.  Any Later and they will have to choose one of our inspirational quotes or affirmative word choices as their image. If they do not choose for themselves, we will choose one for them.

What can we bring to my Jewelry Social Event?

Bring whatever you want to drink and eat! 

Dominique Giordano Jewelry Design provides Stemware, Plates, Utensils, Napkins, water, Ice, a corkscrew, Serving Platters, and music for each event.

How long do Jewelry Socials last?

Socials run a duration of approximately 2 hours.

How many attendees, including myself, are required to host a Jewelry Social Event of my own?

A minimum of 10 people, including yourself, are required to host a Jewelry Social event.  Exceptions will be made if your guests purchase more than 1 pendant which is equal to or exceeds 10 pendants.

What are the incentives to host a jewelry social?

As a hostess, you will receive 10% off every guest who purchases a pendant for your Jewelry Social event.  The 10% discount does not exceed the full amount of your pendant.  Your chain, if you choose to purchase one, will be an additional cost.

You will be given a coupon (with online code) for 40% off any in-stock piece of Dominique Giordano Jewelry valued at $400 or less. You will need to pay the difference above the discount in full. This coupon is good for the evening of your event. Your hostess coupon will expire by midnight the evening of your event.

All of your guests will receive 15% coupon (with online code) off an in-stock piece of Dominique Giordano Jewelry good for the evening of your event.  All coupons will expire by midnight the evening of your event.

If you don't obtain the minimum amount of Jewelry Social attendees (10), a 15% discount will be issued to you and your guests for the day of your Jewelry Social event and will expire at midnight on the evening of your event.

No coupons offered to you or your guests will be eligible for any other items sold by Dominique Giordano Design.  Coupons will be exclusive to in-stock jewelry items only.

Can my guest and I bring my pendant/necklace home the night of my Jewelry Social event?

Each pendant is inlaid with freshwater pearls, colored gems, and tinted enamel.  The enamel takes 48 hours to cure.  When fully cured, Dominique and her team will assemble them for you. 

Dominique Giordano Jewelry Design offers an assortment of Sterling Silver and 14k Gold plated chains to add to your unique and personalized pendant.

Chains are sold separately. 

Your guests can purchase their chain online or during your Jewelry Social event.

No chain purchase is necessary if you choose to use your own chain.

When the pendants are assembled, when the pendants are complete, each guest will have a beautiful piece of jewelry that they’ll be proud to say they created!

When you host a Jewelry Social, you’ll leave with great memories and a beautiful pendant.  

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