What’s a Jewelry Social  like?

Hosting a Dominique Giordano Jewelry Social is a fantastic way to gather friends and family for an afternoon or evening out. No experience is required.  Only the desire to have fun and explore your creative side. The atmosphere is casual, creative, and FUN with easy guidance and instruction throughout the process. Socials usually run about 2 hours, and when the pendants are complete, each guest will have a beautiful piece of jewelry that they’ll be proud to say they created!

When you host a Jewelry Social, you’ll leave with great memories and a beautiful pendant.  

What’s required of a host?

  1. Fill out the form below with your Jewelry Social request and someone will contact you to discuss specifics such as location and time.  
  2. A minimum of 10 guests are required for each Jewelry Social. Dominique reserves the right to reschedule your workshop if 10 people have not registered & paid 48 hours before your Social.
  3. Once a date is confirmed, you will receive an emailed invitation to forward to your guests. Please allow 2 weeks before your Jewelry Social to ensure enough time for guests to register, pay, and send a photo if applicable.

When are Jewelry Socials offered?

  1. Jewelry Socials are scheduled individually with the hostess. We will try to accommodate your wishes

How long are the Jewelry Socials?

2 hours

What’s provided with your Jewelry Social?

  1. Dominique Giordano provides stemware, plates, napkins, plastic ware, water, ice, a corkscrew, and music for each event.

What do the hostess and her guests bring to their Jewelry Social?

  1. Food and Wine!!

Will I be taking my Jewelry Social pendant home the night of my event?

  1. Yes, if you choose. The freshwater pearls or colorful stones are set in a biodegradable epoxy resin which takes 24 hours to cure. You can carefully take it home with you to be ready to wear the next day.  Or you can leave it and your hostess can collect them all and you can pick them up from her. \t’s the responsibility of the host to deliver the finished pieces to her guests.

As a thank you for  your efforts, Dominique Giordano gives each host,

-50% off their Jewelry Social pendant.

-50% off the purchase of any in-stock Dominique Giordano Jewelry item valued at $500 or less.

How to Schedule your Jewelry Social Event:

Email: info@dgiordano.com