DGJD features original contemporary wearable art designed, produced, and sold by Dominique Giordano. Dominique’s  studio is located in New Orleans.  Dominique’s contemporary jewelry lines are accentuated with vibrant semi-precious and precious gemstones, lustrous pearls, sterling and fine silver, and 18k gold.

Her signature Feather Chain Collection has received the Boston Museum of Art’s “Director’s Choice Award” and Dominique has been named “Best Jewelry Designer” by The Gambit (2001), and “Best New Designer” by Fashion Group International (1999). Popular pieces in her collection are the Caviar necklace and earrings with inlaid pearls and gemstones, and her Delicate Feather necklace, bracelet, and earrings adorned with apatite, garnet, peridot, and iolite gemstones or freshwater pearls.

Her collections are sold in galleries and high-end boutiques in Louisiana and throughout the country.

send email via: info@dgiordano.com