The Story:

In May 2008, I was asked to lead my sons, Charlie: pre-k, and Luke: 3rd-grade classes in a special Mother’s Day craft project.

As a wife, mother, metal smith/jeweler, and business owner, I allowed myself 1 time a year to go all alpha mom for my kids at their school. 

Of course, I'd have them make a piece of jewelry. 

I thought about what I would want to receive...a token made by my child's hands, something I could keep close to my heart. 

We're talking 5 & 8-year-olds here. 

I knew my kids could use scissors and I wanted to tap into a child's uninhibited creativity.

So I instructed their teachers that the kids would need to bring in a thumbnail photo of themselves while I hand-made 40 silver heart frames for them to cut their photo out to fit into.

I have 2 signature styles unique to me as a designer. One uses a very hot torch, so no.  The other is where I inlay pearls or faceted gemstones into a silver or gold frame using a pearlized or hand-tinted enamel.  It's sticky and messy so I knew I needed to do this part back at my studio.

Freshwater pearls come in all different shapes and colors: White, Ivory, Cream, Grey, Black, Silver, Champagne, Chocolate, round, oval, off-drilled, Kashi, Potato shaped... I brought them all and this is where their creativity came in.  

12 years later, the memory is crystal clear to me.

Wide-eyed and excited, it was such a gift for me to see these beautiful, creative minds deep in thought considering what mom would like best, or just discovering how a pearl could be so different, and special, each one unique...just like them, just like mom.

These 40 young creatives were designing their unique, one-of-a-kind piece for the first loves of their lives, their mom.

I bagged their heart and photo and pearl selections, brought them back to my studio on Magazine St., and inlaid their photo and pearls with a pearlized enamel. 24 hours later, I strung them on silver silk cord, wrapped them in my signature packaging, and added them to my Turquoise gift bags with tissue.  I drove them to school and placed each one on their assigned desk.

What happened within 30 minutes after school let out was awesome!  So many of the moms who were not in my kid's Charlie's or Luke's class were entering my store to request their own "Caviar Heart" with their kid's photos on the back.

Within three months, Dominique’s Jewelry Socials had helped create more than 700 Caviar Hearts for “Socialites” far and wide, and business hasn’t slowed down since.

I often wonder if they remember this day.  But one thing I know for sure is that their moms do.  

Jewelry Socials are bucket fillers.

To my fellow moms, professionals, sisters, and just plain hard workers...that's all of are worthy of putting yourself first for a change.

Treat yourself to girl time.  Gather and create your memory.  The reasons are endless...#1 because you miss connecting with your girls. It's an original bridesmaid party.  To support a loved one who is battling or struggling and you want to support her.  Get creative. 

I'm grateful for getting to live my life loving what I do.  


Make space to create that time to connect.

And know that I truly, deeply, and sincerely appreciate you.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.