The Story:

In May 2008, Dominique Giordano was asked to lead her sons’ pre-k and 3rd grade classes in a special Mother’s Day craft project.

Before she knew it, she was up to her elbows in 40 sterling silver Caviar Heart pendants created especially for the job.  

The children happily filled them with freshwater pearls on one side and a photo themselves on the other, then strung them from silk cords and presented them on Mother’s Day.  

Dominique was struck by the heartfelt response she received from the mothers-and by the children’s pride at creating such a memorable treasures.

A few months later, at the height of the recession, Dominique’s business began to struggle. 

Searching for a way to sustain the business she had built over 14 years, Dominique opened her doors to others interested in creating a special piece of keepsake jewelry.  

Within three months, Dominique’s Jewelry Socials had helped create more than 700 Caviar Hearts for “Socialites” far and wide, and business hasn’t slowed down since.